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By Montessori des Sourires, Sep 15 2015 03:15PM

Hello World welcome to Montessor des Sourires Blog. Currently we have students that are potty training. So we thought about giving you a little tip on potty training your child.

1. Eliminate the onesie t-shirt and slowly introduce them to pull ups.

2. Talk and Read books regarding potty training to help with the transition

3. Go shopping with them for the child to pick out there new pulls-up, underwear, undershirts, and bed covers

4. Very Important create a routine for the child to use the toilet every 1/2 to 1hr.

5. Most Important: Please give your child a lot of encouragement and congratulations when he or she use the potty and toilet

6. Please note that accidents will happen. Be patient and consistent and soon your child will be using the toilet on his own.

Good Luck!

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Montessori des Sourires resized 2